Startup culture prepares youth to realize their future.

TBC is an event that challenges teens to uplift themselves and engage the market over a weekend of creation, competition and community.

Teen Business Challenge is a gamified experience

TBC motivates kids to engage discovery and teamwork in a way that otherwise may not interest them in a school setting. TBC injects startup culture energy into the event that attracts kids’ participation and achievement.

A Teen Business Challenge event is not only about the teens creating businesses. It is about the skills they will need to be successful in anything they choose to do. The learning outcomes revolve around three core competencies – collaboration, creative thinking and communication – rooted in the five challenges:

The Big Idea

Creative Problem Solving

Treasure Map

Concept Modeling

Show Me the Money

Marketing and Creating Value


Getting Feedback and Learning from Mistakes

The Pitch

Organizing Ideas and Communicating Clearly

Download the Teen Business Challenge Curriculum Playbook and Sample Marketing plan for your event.

The Teen Business Challenge curriculum and resources are FREE and downloadable to use and modify in any way that is best for the teens in your community.

Visit the Resources page to download an event playbook, logistics spreadsheet, marketing strategy and feasibility study example, and a Business Model Canvas.

A TBC event is powered by volunteers with education, entrepreneurial and community empowerment backgrounds. Partners include the school districts, community colleges, home school networks, local entrepreneurial centers, and other community organizations.

You can bring a Teen Business Challenge event to your community.